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Especially for the Very Young Student

A program specifically designed for the very young child, generally between ages four and five. 

Young children who show and demonstrate musical interests.

Very young students have special needs.  While they have shown or expressed interest in piano study, their focus span is very short.  There are a host of different, very short activities all of which contribute to musical playing, which they can master as they slowly extend their ability to remain on task.  Very bright student will quickly expand their focus to one half hour and the truly gifted will be focused for an hour or more by age five!

Before a student begins this program, the teacher, parent(s) and student need to meet and gain a thorough understanding time and activity commitments required for success. 

One or both parents must be committed to working with the student twice daily, for about 20 to 30 minutes for each practice session.  Parent(s) will receive detailed instruction for daily practice sessions.  Some musical background is very helpful, but mostly love, support and enthusiasm is required from the parent(s).

These are "real" piano lessons, not music appreciation or rhythm movement classes, such is often the case in most pre-school programs.

Instruction time totals one hour per week. Students begin with two 1/2 hour lessons each week.  Usually by age 5, students have graduated to just one lesson each week.

This program continues while the student attends Kindergarten, but once the student reaches First Grade, they transition to regular study.

Let's discuss your child's musical needs.  Thank you.

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