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Studio Policies

The individual paying for piano lessons agrees to read these policies thoroughly and to insure the student abides with them  Enrollment in any Studio program indicates your agreement with and consent to abide with all policies.

Lessons begin promptly at the scheduled time.  All lessons end on time, so that later students and their families will not be inconvenienced.

Students are responsible for bringing their music.  If the student fails to bring their music to a lesson, new music will be provided and billed on the next statement.

Keep contact telephone numbers and email addresses current.

Notify teacher if you plan to miss a lesson.

 If the teacher has an unplanned absence, the student will receive a make-up lesson plus one free lesson.

Student Responsibilities  

Prepare lesson assigments by practicing daily.

Trim fingernails and clean hands before coming to lessons.

Bring all lesson material to each lesson.

 Dress appropriately for your lesson and performances.  

Parent Responsibilities  

Annual Enrollment Fee and Tuition must be paid before the first lesson.  Payment is due no later than the first lesson of the month.  A late fee of $15 applies to late payments and will be billed the next billing cycle.  Returned checks will incur the $25 bank charge.  Lessons will be suspended until accounts are current.

Provide student with in-tune and serviceable piano.  All pianos need tuning at least once a year.  The Studio Pianos are tuned 3 - 5 times yearly!

 Insure the student has a quiet, well-lighted area to practice, and a set time to practice each day.

 Get students to lessons on time.  


Terminating Lessons  

Tuition is for the school year, regardless of the number of lessons students actually take. Students who disenroll before the year is complete will have their tuition pro rated; generally, one month's tuition is sufficient.

With the exception of a medical emergency or out-of-town family transfer, students who disenroll from piano studies may not re-enroll at a later date.


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