Student Repertoire

Piano students learn to play Repertoire from memory, then keep it going, so that at any time, they can sit down at a piano and perform a recital of 10 or more pieces.  Each year, for their Piano Guild Auditions, students select 10 - 15 pieces to perform for their Audition Judge.  Classical repertoire usually comes from a comprehensive list such as this.  However, students frequently add a jazz or pop piece to the mix.  This is a very small sample of the over one thousand performance pieces used with students.

First Years of Lessons


Grades 5 to 8


High School

Elementary A - F


Intermediate A - F


Preparatory A - D

Bach Musette BWV Anh 126


Händel Sarabande & Variations


Bach Invention #4 BWV 775

Bach Minuet in g


Scarlatti Sonata in C L. 79


Bach Invention #8 BWV 779

Bach Minuet BWV Anh 114


Bach Musette BWV Anh 126


Bach Prélude BWV 933

Bach Menuet BWV Anh 115


Bach March BWV Anh 122


Bach Prélude BWV 934

Schein Allemande


Bach Prélude BWV 999


Bach Invention #14

Gräfe Musette


Bach Polonaise BWV Anh 119


Bach Allemande BWV 816

Rousseau The Village Prophet


Bach March BWV Anh 124


Bach Gigue BWV 816

Telemann Gavotte


Bach Menuet BWV Anh 132


Bach French Suite #5 in G

L Mozart Minuet K2


Bach March BWV Anh 127


Haydn Concerto for Piano & Orchestra in D

Türk Dance


Bach Menuet BWV Anh 121


Beethoven Sonata Op 49, #1 Allegro

Haydn Quadrille


Bach Prelude BWV 846


Beethoven Sonata Op 49, #1 Andante

Diabelli Morning Song


Bach Menuet BWV Anh 113


Beethoven Sonata Op 49, #2 Allegro

Gurlitt Sonatina in C


Bach Polonaise BWV Anh 125


Beethoven Sonata Op 49, #2 Menuetto

Beyer Round Dance


Bach Polonaise BWV Anh 123


Mozart Sonata K 280 Allegro

Le Couppey Musette


Bach Polonaise BWV Anh 130


Mozart Sonata K 547 Allegro

Haydn German Dance


Bach Menuet BWV Anh 116


Schubert Waltz in C

Telemann Rigaudon


CPE Bach Solfeggietto


Schubert Waltz in c

Latour Sonatina


Clementi Sonatina in C Allegro


Schubert Impromptu

Beethoven Russian Folk Song Op 107, #3


Haydn Allegro Scherzando


Schumann Northern Song

Beethoven Russian Folk Song Op 107, #7


Beethoven Fur Élise


Schumann Knecht Ruprecht, Op 68, n 12

Beethoven Sonatina Moderato


Mozart Sonata K525 Allegro


Schumann Mai, Lieber Mai, Op 68, n 13

Beethoven Sonatina Romanza


Diabelli Sonatina Op 168 #5


Schumann  From Foreign Lands

Schytte In Church


Diabelli Sonatina Op 168 #4


Schumann   Reverie

Duvernoy Song Without Words, Op 176, #3


Mendelssohn Tarantella


Chopin Mazurka Op 7, #2

Köhler Carefree Stroll


Pleyel Minuet


Chopin Nocturne in c# minor

Arnold Gigue


Rheinholt March Op 39, #1


Chopin Waltz in b minor, Op 69, #2

Schumann Soldiers' March Op 68, #2


Kuhlau Sonatina in C Allegro


Chopin Prelude in A

Schumann A Little Piece Op 68, #5


Clementi Sonatina Op 36, #1


Chopin Prelude in c

Czerny Romance


Clementi Sonatina Op 36, #2


Chopin Polonaise

Praetorius Old German Dance


Clementi Sonatina Op 36, #3


Chopin Fantasie-Impromptu

Spindler Sonatina in C


Hassler Allegro


Hummel Rondo in Eb

Türk Children's Song


Gade The Little Girls' Dance Op 36, n 3


Moszkowski Caprice Espanol

Gurlitt The Hunt


Schumann The Merry Farmer Op 68, #5


MacDowell To A Wild Rose

Salutrinskaya The Shepherd's Flute


Chopin Album Leaf


Debussy Golliwogg's Cake Walk

Bartok Hungarian Folk Song


Grieg Sailor's Song


Debussy Le Petit Noir

Kabalevsky Dance


Grieg Elfin Dance


Debussy Arabesque #1

Kabalevsky A Little Scherzo


Chopin Prélude Op 28, #7


Debussy Dr Gradas ad Parnassum

Kabalevsky  A Funny Event


Dorn Prélude C#


Shostakovich Three Fantastic Dances

Kabalevsky Waltz


Granados Dedication Op 1, #1


Rutini Sonata in F, Op 8, #1

Hasslinger Sontina in C Allegro non tanto


Kabalevsky Toccatina


Prokovieff Gavotte, Op 32, #3

Hasslinger Sontina in C Allegretto


Kabalevsky  Sonatina in a,  Op 27, #18


Kabalevsky Sonatina Op 13 #1 Allegro

Wilton Sonatina in C


Khachaturian Ivan Sings


Kabalevsky Sonatina Op 13 #1 Andantino

Shostacovitch March


Bartók Folk Dance


Kabalevsky Sonatina Op 13 #1 Presto

Bartok Follow the Leader


Kabalevsky The Clown


Kabalevsky Variations in D, Op 40

Kabalevsky  Polka


Kabalevsky Toccatina Op 27, #


Poulenc Waltz

Goedicke Russian Dance


Bartók Jeering Song



Anon Bagpipes


Tcherepnin Bagatelle



Reichardt Duet in Contrary Motion


Shostakovich The Mechanical Doll