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Finding the Right Teacher

Greater Olympia is rich in piano teaching resources. By some estimates, there are over 150 people teaching piano in some manner. The problem most parents face isn't finding a teacher, it's selecting the most appropriate teacher for their young student.

Here are a few criteria you may want to consider:

- What are their teaching and piano playing credentials? You want someone who is both a great teacher and a competent musician! Certifications can be helpful to you in this process.

- How experienced are they? How long have they been teaching?

- Are they teaching for a living or as a hobby? Many full time teachers continue teaching well past normal retirement age, but with a reduced number of students. Don't rule them out. Sharing piano is a life-long passion for many piano teachers.

- Do their students excel? Do they win awards? Do they continue to play piano after graduating? Are they life-long pianists?

- Are students involved in community musical programs and activities?

- Visit the Studio.  What does it look like, serious and professional, inviting and friendly?

- What is their teaching instrument, a grand, an upright or a keyboard?  Do they have enough instruments for both student and teacher to play together?

- How comprehensive is the program?  Do they help students understand basic music theory, styles, history, etc.?

Finally, please take some time to read Diane Hidy's article linked below. Of the hundreds of advise columns on the Internet, it is one of the best.


 Valuable Insights & Opinions

Diane Hidy, one of the top teachers in the Western USA and author of some of the best teaching methods, shares her insights on seleting the right teacher for your student.


Another series of valuable insights is offered by the Piano Teacher's Federation.  




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