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All About the National Guild of Piano Teachers and the Piano Playing Auditions

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See the Studio's Academic Calendar for Audition dates in 2015:  

The Guild

The National Guild of Piano Teachers is one of the oldest, most respected, organizations supporting piano students and teachers throughout the USA.  Its focus is on educating all students, regardless of talent, and providing a nationwide program for students to be evaluated on their progress.  Teachers must be highly competent and be able to teach students a broad, diverse curriculum of piano studies.



These are private (student and judge only), non-competitive auditions that are held annually to encourage goal-setting and progress in the study of the piano. Students are judged on individual merit in the areas of accuracy, continuity, phrasing, pedaling, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, tone, interpretation, style, and technique. Each student participating will be awarded a certificate and pin for their program. One of the available programs is called the Guild Founder's Plaque, and the opportunity to earn this plaque is very popular with students and parents let me know if you are interested in this. For the past several years, all of my students that have entered the Guild Auditions have received a rating of Excellent or Superior, and while another judge may be more critical in this or in future years, I certainly would hope for the same level of achievement in future years because I believe my students are well-prepared and their scores reflect this.

Playing an audition involves performing from 1-20 pieces for the judge assigned to our area (the student and I can select the number of pieces the student wishes to perform). I recommend 3-4 memorized pieces as a minimum, especially for students participating for the first time. Students wanting to perform the 10-piece program will play music learned throughout the entire school year. There is some technique required (scales and cadences) as well. Students can memorize pieces, or enter the "hobbyist" category where pieces need not be memorized. There are also categories for jazz, duets, and social music (Broadway shows, movie themes, hymns, etc.) to help keep students motivated no matter which genre and style of music they like to perform.


The National Guild of Piano Teachers has represented the finest teachers across the nation and in many foreign countries as well for well over 100 years.  The National Piano Auditions allow a student to perform a program and be evaluated fairly against a national standard.  I will be glad to share details of this fine and proven program with you.  To see the awards earned by my top students, follow the link below.



2014 NGPT National Audition Winners




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