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Recreational Piano

A different, broader program, for students wanting to explore the piano and whose musical interests may not be served by conventional "classical" programs.  While learning the basics of note reading, rhythm, etc., students explore many contemporary sounds and styles.   Many families who have purchased electronic keyboards enroll students in this program to evaluate level of interest, commitment, etc. Students will learn a wide variety of contemporary sounds, such as jazz, dance, swing, pop, mood, etc. All the basics will be taught, but because lessons are only 30 minutes for elementary students, and 40 minute for older students, overall progress will be different from other programs.  Students may participate in selected recitals.

Here are some examples of student music.  Click on a piano to hear an example.





Example 1 is from Level 1.








Please note - all examples are from the Christopher Norton Connections Series, published by Frederick J. Harris, which we use with students.  You can listen to them in their entirety by purchasing the music from your local music store.

To enroll, call 459-1546


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