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The Piano Studio


John E. van der Brook


A program for exceptional students with committed families


The Artist Program

Available by invitation only.  Focus is on learning to play using the same musical literature and techniques as the great masters of the 19th and 20th century, thus preparing students for enrolling in top conservatories.  Students will master and maintain a repertoire of 12 to 20 selections at each level, give home, studio and concert recitals.  Students will attend Master Classes both in Olympia and Seattle.  Students will attend national and international piano forums. Students must commit to high quality daily practice, eliminate conflicting extra-curricular activities, and families must commit to procuring a high quality piano.  Students who believe they might qualify for the Artist program should enroll in the accelerated Classical Studies program.  Lessons are one hour or more each week.  The curriculum uses the proven Well Prepared Pianist Institute curriculum.


Primer & Preparatory Levels

Depending upon the age of the student at entry, these phases should be completed within 1 to 2 years. Students learn the entire scope of the keyboard, elementary pedal technique, proper key touch for desired sounds.  Students give 4 or 5 house concerts.  Students generally advance to the pre-sonatina level in this phase.


Advancing Level

For Artist level students, this phase should not exceed 18 months.  Students learn foundation etudes, substantial pieces of Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Twentieth Century literature.  Students master use of all three piano pedals, and special pedaling techniques on the damper pedal.  Students increase their command of proper musical phrasing, control of dynamics, and velocity at the piano.


Graduating Level

For Artist level students, this phase should not exceed 18 months.   Students begin study of elementary sonatas and more difficult literature.  Upon completion of this level, students are prepared musically and technically to learn the great masterpieces of piano literature.  Students may receive their  WPPI certification.  

A comprehensive listing of literature may be found under the resources guide.


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